Glass railing installation video:

Glass railing balustrade installation video:

Glass balustrades using stainless steel railings and glass are a popular choice for external balconies.

Stainless Steel is a durable and strong material that can be restored, and maintained easier than other materials such as timber, iron or painted aluminium.

With good maintenance stainless steel will last a life time. Additionally, it allows the use of light safety glass that comply with regulations at a smaller cost than thicker panels.

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Frameless Glass balustrade joined to stairs handrails

Surveyed and designed by our own team, ready for installation. The combination of frameless glass balustrades with stairs handrails and full sized glazing from stringer to ceiling offer a clean and robust design with 15mm toughened glass and durable stainless steel components. Contact us for a site visit and full design of your balustrades based on your preferences.

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Side fixed glass on stair stringer – full size to ceiling and handrail fixed to glass with glass brackets

Glass fixed to stair stringer and ceiling. With this full size glass the complete opening of the stairs is closed, designed to offer a virtual room division, with some noise protection to the offices upstairs. Additionally, the glass being secured top and bottom is stronger than being fixed only at the bottom. The handrail is fixed on the glass with specialised glass brackets. 

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Laminated glass balustrade fixed to floor with floor spigots

The modern design of the spigots complements the fresh and clean design of the staircase. The glass on the steps is cut perfect to each step, surveyed and designed ready to fit. The spigots securely fixed to the main structure hold the glass without the need of a handrail and are able to fit glass up to 21.5mm in thickness.

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Frameless Glass balustrade with angled handrail without posts – by Balcony Installations

Frameless Glass balustrades can be also be installed to bespoke angles, with handrails being fixed to custom angles, these welded mitre joints also make the system much more robust, with smooth joints that are never sharp.

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Handrail joined to bespoke welded angle

Welded custom angle connected to straight handrail

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