Installation of Balconies by Balcony Installations

Installation from experienced installers with many years of dedication to glass balustrades.

Installation is directly by our own technical installers, capable of adjusting or do modifications on site such as drilling, tapping, polishing or welding.

We normally carry out installations in and around London and the South Coast areas.

We also have completed many projects in other locations such as: Devon, Oxfordshire, Cambridgshire, Essex, Wales, etc.

Please contact us if you have an enquiry in locations that are not normally our coverage areas as we can have availability to arrange installation.

Residential Projects

No jobs are too small!

We can help and fit even a 1 panel glass balustrade. Typical Juliet balconies are between 1m and 2m, and house balconies from 1m up to 50m plus.

Talk to us about your project and concerns. Most of or work is non-disruptive, without the use of heat or smoke.

We design all our products as flat packed furniture, with all components ready to install on site and fixed to your building.

Glass can be light or heavy, but we design them in manabeable sizes and moved manually, without the use of lifting machinery or cranes.

Most of the works are carried out outside (on outdoor balconies), unless working on staircases, in which case we aim to build the frames as soon as possible so they can be used right away until all is glazed.

We design all balustrades ready for installation, complete with glass, so there is no delay in completing the installation.

Contractors and Developers

We have installed residential developments as well as trained builders to complete larger installations for many contractors.

We also offer on-site support and training for contractors and builders that are carrying out their own installations.

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